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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 28, 2014 3:40am-4:01am EST

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interesting. i didn't know that. >> all about retail sales. make a list. check it twice. right at the top of so many of ours, what's hot, what's cool, what's in demand this year? >> if you have your heart set on giving that highly coveted gift, might want to jump on it sooner rather than later. abc's rebecca jarvis explains. >> reporter: not every year brings about tickle me elmo fever. but generally, each holiday season there are those inevitable gift cravings. if you are one of those shoppers determined to give the latest must-have gift, this year, do your research and then go shopping.
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for kids, experts say the top toys list of 2014 will include anything transformers, everything teenage mutant ninja turtles, but this year's tickle me elmo is elsa from "frozen." "frozen" items are hot. if you don't want to get left out in the cold -- >> i wouldn't necessarily wait. the prices will be good on black friday and on cybermonday and then creep up and won't be back down until probably mid-december. >> reporter: for kids today as tech savvy if not more so than their parents, their wish list will look much like mom and dad's. on santa's list, a heavy dose of iphones, both the 6 and 6 plus. laptops and tablets, go-pros and xbox one. >> mom and dad want the wearable technology. they want to track their fitness, their exercise, their calories. >> reporter: another favorite is an oldie but a goody. tvs. >> we'll sell more tvs this year than we have before. >> reporter: to make sure shoppers are getting the best
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bang for their buck, make sure shoppers are shopping smart. and apparently a lot of them are. >> they are using all the apps to make sure they are getting the best possible prices. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news. >> so much in keep in mind. >> i know. too much. by the way, if you are a black friday shopper after one of those highly coveted items. they don't do it like they used to where it's a free-for-all. now you have to line up and they have you line up and be in line for these specific items. you have to plan it out. zero in on the item you want and plan it well. >> i have to tell you now about my turkey. >> yes. >> can i give you an update? >> yes. >> i had to call the butterball hot line. remember the brine stuck out, two-thirds of it. >> that looks good. >> it really did look beautiful. i didn't eat any because i'm not a turkey fan. but everyone, the family, ate it and the two kids refused to touch it because you see the middle right part? i called the butterball hotline because it was pink.
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>> look at all the good stuff on the outside. why aren't they eating the turkey on the outside, and the skin? >> i called the folks at butterball. we were a little impatient. waited only two minutes and still on hold so i said forget about it. we googled it. we just cut around it. where you put the thermometer in if you hit the temperature points, you're fine. we don't like our turkey medium rare. >> why didn't the kids eat it? what did the kids have instead? >> my almost 4-year-old saw me buying it and it was bloody. he told his sister the turkey was bloody and both of them refused to eat it. 4 and 2, they still stick together against their parents. >> you'll have to make them eat that turkey. have that turkey and like it. >> they had the pies instead. coming up, burt reynold and the prizes he's auctioning, his prized possessions. stay with us. more news coming. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ love it. all right. at family holidays like thanksgiving, many of us remember the loved ones no longer with us. that's true even if you are a celebrity. >> melissa rivers used her mother's twitter account to send out a photo of her mom joan rivers and herself. the tweet said she finally
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figured out the account's password and wished fans a happy thanksgiving. joan rivers died in early september after a medical procedure. she once said that thanksgiving was her absolute favorite time of the year. >> beautiful pictures there. i love that picture right there. that is just spectacular. >> i think it's absolutely gorgeous. melissa looks like a teenager in that photo. >> she always does. she has that youthful look about her. if you've ever wanted a piece of hollywood memorabilia, now may be your chance. actor burt reynolds is selling off hundreds of his own personal belongings to drum up cash. >> it's being organized by julian's at the trendy palms casino in las vegas and will include his 1988 golden globe for "boogie nights." >> fans can have their chance to snatch up the signature red leather jacket he wore in "smokey and the bandit." he's even selling off this baseball signed by mickey mantle. >> reynolds said, i've collected so many things that i truly
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adore, but at this stage in my life i find it difficult to manage them all. the sale is set for december 11th and 12th. people are going to say, well, does he need the money? seems like he's just doing it because he wants to do it which is cool. this is iconic stuff. that "smokey and the bandit" jacket, i remember that from when i was a kid. >> nice to have a piece of it. melissa mccarthy is well known for playing a funny woman on the big screen. now she's trying her hand at something completely different, fashion. >> she'll be launching her own clothing line for women of all shapes and sizes. mccarthy told women's wear daily, i have experienced dressing me as a 6, a 12 and more. and when you go above a size 12, you don't lose your love of fashion. it's so true. >> she's no stranger to the clothing design world having moved to new york city to attend the fashion institute of technology before entering the entertainment industry. so the line will be available in fall 2015. and it's expected to expand into accessories and beauty products.
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i didn't know she went to f.i.t. >> i didn't either. >> she was one of those kids i see running around 34th street with those big portfolios. >> exactly. celebrity thanksgiving birthdays. everyone celebrating thanksgiving. everyone from taylor swift to oprah took to facebook to share messages of thanks. taylor swift posting this photo of her and her cousins on instagram. >> kelly clarkson sharing this adorable photo of her daughter. so cute. >> and oprah giving her fans an inside look at her thanksgiving feast. she spent the day hard at work in the kitchen. >> even stephen colbert got into action joking with his fans on twitter, happy thanksgiving. this year i'm thankful that your family is so annoying you're checking twitter instead of talking to them. >> that's pretty spot on. coming up, we'll help you think back through all the food you ate yesterday and take a look at the week that was. >> i can't even remember it.
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♪ it's been a very busy week for news with one major story dominating the headlines. that decision of the grand jury in ferguson. it ignited a firestorm. >> it sure did. it dominated the national conversation to an often polarizing degree. we all gathered together this holiday weekend hoping for positive change and steps toward peace. that story and others right now in our "friday rewind." >> no probable cause exists to file any charge against officer wilson. >> our son was running for his life, and i believe he asked my son to stop. and i believe that's what he did. he stopped. he turned around to get down on his knees like the officer asked him.
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>> i'm sorry that their son lost his life. it wasn't the intention of that day. it's what occurred that day. and there's no -- nothing you can say that's going to make a parent feel better. >> it goes against everything as far as justice is concerned. and i think it's a complete embarrassment to american justice. this is not a problem just at uva or just that uva's administration can solve. it's a national epidemic that we all need to help solve. >> i hope that there's bystanders that have the moral courage. the moral courage to come forward and help us with that investigation. there is a guy holding a pistol. you know, it's probably fake but he's pointing it at everyone. >> the facsimile weapon in this incident is indistinguishable from a real firearm. they started digging that car out but this road hasn't been touched. can you imagine living like this
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for six days and counting? >> it doesn't do you any good to get upset. it's mother nature. she's going to do what she wants to do. you just have to go with it. i'm so unbelievably happy that you want to have a glimpse into my life. thank you so much. let's face it, if you are a turkey and you are named after a side dish, your chances of escaping thanksgiving dinner are pretty low. so these guys are well ahead of the curve. they really beat the odds. >> good old mac and cheese. >> exactly. i'm curious. you're a lawyer. what's next from a legal standpoint in ferguson? >> the family has the ability to file a civil suit. that could be coming. and the federal investigations are still pending against the officer. we'll see where it goes. don't miss our facebook updates at a lot more news coming up. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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. making news in america this morning -- black friday. the holiday shopping season is under way. the deep discounts, the crowds, and the fights over big screen televisions. dramatic rescue. two children missing, then discovered under a huge pile of snow. terrifying snowplow accident that buried them alive. desperate search, an ohio state university football player who seemingly vanished days before a big game. >> oh! >> plus, there's nothing like a turkey prank. a thanksgiving day joke that's going viral this morning. good friday morning, i'm ryan smith. >> and i'm reena nina


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